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Churchill House School of English Language


Welcome to Churchill House

We know that a successful language course does not just Good accommodation and well-designed leisure mean excellent teaching programme are both equally important.

"Nowadays a good knowledge of English is needed by everyone who has to communicate across national boundaries. Churchill House was founded in 1971 and there are now over 110,000 of our students using English in their work and leisure throughout the world.

Some people say that the best country in which to learn English is England and we believe that one of the best schools in England is Churchill House.

Churchill House is an efficiently managed school run in a very professional way. We can therefore keep our prices low and offer you outstanding value for money. Our aim is to give our customers the best possible service at the most economical and competitive price - we think we succeed!

We also know that a successful language course does not just mean excellent teaching. Good accommodation and a well-designed leisure programme are both equally important. Over 40 years of experience and development have enabled us to create a well-balanced learning programme for you. We have built a world-wide reputation for excellence in teaching, accommodation and leisure.

We offer a wide variety of courses all year round - everything from 2-week General English to an intensive 12-month Academic Year Course.  If you want to learn English in a warm and informal atmosphere under the guidance of a professional yet friendly staff then Churchill House is the right school for you.  We will do everything we can to make your stay here both successful and enjoyable.




General English 15;20;25 Lesson p/w


February 2013 Special Offer


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