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The Newman_SchoolPlogo_2 THE NEWMAN SCHOOL


THE NEWMAN SCHOOL, in the heart of a great city, provides a diverse student body a college preparatory, liberal arts education based on Judeo-Christian values, intellectual rigor, and trust, guided by the spirit and philosophy of John Henry Cardinal Newman.

The school encourages students to recognize the relationship between personal and intellectual growth, and seeks to nurture the intellect, and instill motivation, kindness, the desire for truth, and moral decision making. We believe that it is only in the context of exploring the possibility of a relationship with God, and acknowledging our responsibilities toward self and community, that we can pursue an education which prepares us for leading fulfilling lives.

Newman’s motto, “let heart speak to heart” establishes the tone for each day encouraging students to form mature and stimulating relationships with teachers and peers, and to recognize their individual gifts.

Sports, enrichment activities and co-curricular academic programs provide opportunities for student interaction beyond the classroom. Seeking to take the fullest possible advantage of our location in Boston’s Back Bay, we participate in the life of this great city, enriching our students’ academic experiences by incorporating the historical, cultural and educational resources of Boston into our curriculum.

The Newman School provides students with a strong academic program through the International Baccalaureate Program. With Newman’s location in the heart of the city, students have access to the museums, historical places, sports venues, universities and colleges, as well as the Boston Public Library.

Students in grades nine through twelve are encouraged to apply. Because our school believes that each student's dedication to his or her own success is just as important as innate ability, we review the applicant's entire record before making our decision regarding acceptance.










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