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Canyonville Christian Academy


Adele and Rev. A.M. “Dad” Shaffer founded this boarding school in 1924.  Beginning as an orphanage, the school developed into a coeducational boarding high school of high spiritual and academic standards. The first graduating class was in 1932 and made up of two graduates, one of whom was the founders’ son, Robert. The Christian Academy has been a full-fledgedBoarding High School in continuous operation with grades 9-12 since 1935.

Through academic and non-academic programs, we purpose to:

Promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to fully participate in human affairs, while encouraging the desire to work toward effecting change and solving problems, consequently helping to create a better future for us all.

Transmit a knowledge and appreciation of the highest values, ideas and ideals of our Judeo-Christian heritage, upon which Western Civilization is founded.

Cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while encouraging creativity and vision in all aspects of life.

Encourage an appreciation for God’s creation and promote a balanced stewardship of the resources entrusted to man.

Develop an awareness and knowledge of interpersonal relationships by learning communication skills, conflict resolution, social responsibility, and respect for authority.

Honor the sanctity of life and promote an understanding of various cultures and backgrounds.

Foster an awareness of the consequences of actions and a willingness to accept responsibility for individual behavior.

Provide positive, creative, and safe ways of having fun.





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