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Fontys University of Applied Sciences


Fontys is a foundation where the organisation structure is based around the processes:

Administration: the Executive Board represents the competent authority and acts as the unit responsible for results, answering to the Board of Governors.

Primary: each for their own market segment, the schools undertake the core activities (education, research and contract activities) on behalf of Fontys.

Support: the eight services provide support activities for education, research and contract activities.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a learning community that has focused its strategy on quality. Fontys invests in intensive, challenging, fascinating and well-organised education. The competence-based education offered at Fontys is built around the three core competences knowledge, skills and professional attitude. In this way, students are thoroughly prepared for professional practice or self-employment. Fontys has set itself the task of contributing to the development and education of talent, encouraging personal performance and developing an awareness of values among students.


Despite the large student numbers, education at Fontys is organised on a small scale. Fontys also focuses particular attention on the parameters necessary for ensuring the smooth process of study, such as study career supervision, coaching and a buddy system, education and examination timetables, feedback on assessments and assignments, study progress registration, information provision and the accessibility of teaching staff.


Fontys aims to be an educational institution that encourages students ‘to grow through offering attention and challenges’. Fontys wishes to be an educational organisation in which students can grow and learn to think bigger. Fontys aims to achieve this goal by offering attention and challenges for its students, staff and stakeholders.










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