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Chase Academy is modern and efficient, but the school retains the best of traditional educational methods. The school instils the virtues of honesty, integrity and hard work.

In 1879, the Sisters of the Holy Rosary built a new convent school in Cannock which initially educated children up to the age of 11. More recently, a group of teachers, parents and friends founded a senior school at Lyncroft House, where the composer, Muzio Clementi, had lived and taught during the 1820's.

The two schools joined forces in 1980 to create an all-age school on the present site in Cannock. Originally called Lyncroft House School, Chase Academy grew rapidly and quickly developed into an establishment providing a first-class education for each of its students.

A large family

Chase Academy is small (less than 300 students) and the classes are small (averaging 15 students). This means that teachers and students know each other very well. It gives the school a family atmosphere.

The school welcomes boys and girls from Nursery age to A level. This provides a continuity of education by eliminating the stresses of school transfer. The programme of study extends throughout the school and the best use is made of strong early foundations. The high academic standards are maintained throughout the school and rapidly acquired by those who enter later.

The broad age range is well integrated. Older students care for younger ones and the close relationships build high quality friendships. Teachers watch their students develop from their youth to mature young adults setting off for university.

Small classes - care for the individual

The small classes mean that teachers have time to attend to the individual. Students know that they are valued and become well-motivated. Despite the non-selective intake, the standards of academic achievement are high.

The family atmosphere fosters a high standard of behaviour. Visitors to Chase Academy remark on the happy, confident and courteous nature of our students.

Extra tuition for students with specific educational needs is available and lessons can be arranged with our qualified specialist teachers.






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