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HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland


Welcome to Beautiful Central Switzerland and HTMi 












HTMI is located in Soerenberg in Kanton Luzern. It is one of Switzerlands most is located in Soerenberg in Kanton Luzern. It is one of Switzerlands most beautiful resorts. Students reside, study and train in two picturesque, traditional Swiss hotels, which are furnished to a quality standard reflecting the best values of Swiss life. Students come from all over the world to study hotel management the famous Swiss way. Our students study and train in a real hotel environment.

Our mission for all students is “arrive as a student, leave as a manager”. To fulfill this, our focus is in ensuring all students get the following help enabling them to become a manager. Our focus for students is shaped by our faculty and hotel industry leaders. 
Famous Swiss hospitality diploma education
Switzerland has become famous for hospitality education. The first major hotel school in the world was opened in Lausanne in the early 1900s. Since then Switzerland has had a high reputation for hotel and tourism education and training and there is a large demand from international students. The needs of these foreign students are addressed by offering courses in English for aspirant managers. HTMI fulfills these needs.   
 In Switzerland and abroad, whether a graduate or a student, HTMi is a large international family.  It is composed of students and graduates from more than 35 countries worldwide, our international teaching staff, our worldwide representative network and our partners in the international hotel and tourism industry. A warm welcome from our international family of students at HTMi.




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