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Polimoda Consulting s.r.l.



Polimoda Consulting s.r.l. was created in 2002 for the purpose of providing training and specialized consultancies to businesses in the fashion sector.
The expertise of our consultants, the teaching methods, the close relationships with the most important organizations and businesses in this sector are the
distinguishing features of the company.
Currently Polimoda Consulting has 35 business partners, intended to be as widely representative as possible and chosen according to criteria of size, geographic location and role in the production network.

Designers convey messages and concepts through their collections and people demonstrate belongingness and distinction by wearing clothes and accessories. Fashion brands use the media to catch the attention of their audience or cleverly create a common ground of values and emotions with their potential followers. However, today the audience is becoming more and more like the creator and author and followers feel like leaders. 

People are challenging the fashion industry on the internet and in the streets through their personal opinions and styles and, at the same time, are in constant search for a deeper content in the old, solid, underground press. As a result magazines become books, the internet is the main territory of confrontation, and shops, fairs and runways, as points of sale, are turning into moments of communication. Therefore fashion discourse is today multi-directional, paradoxical and syncretic. 
Amazing and…challenging!

The new Polimoda Master in Fashion Communication aims to create strategic planners prepared for the fashion industry, aware of the specifics of the field and the tools of the trade, and ultimately able to plan an integrated communication action from the point of view of an agency, a brand or an independent player.








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