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Degrees & Certificates

Lincoln University is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian educational institution based in Oakland, California.  It was founded in 1919 in San Francisco by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Lickey. From the school's founding in 1919, Lincoln has placed an emphasis on adult education and urban outreach, as well as keeping an international orientation. These characteristics became distinguishing marks of the institution.  Lincoln University was among the first post-secondary educational institutions in California to offer programs with a focus on the needs of the working adults. The emphasis was further refined to also meet the demands of internation­al students.

Lincoln University serves the needs of the community by continuously modifying its programs, to follow the needs of the job market. Constant growth and academic development were always a characteristic of the school. In the 1960's and 1970's, the University developed a curriculum for an outstanding, well-balanced Business Adminis­tration program, which was finalized in 2009 by the approval of the Doctor of Business Administration Degree. In the 1980’s, a strong Computer Science program was developed, and in 2005, it introduced programs in Diagnostic Imaging, as well as several certificates in allied health fields. Lincoln University is always looking toward the future, making sure its curriculum is well-suited for today’s and tomorrow’s needs, and its professional faculty team can address those needs.

Lincoln University is accredited to award Doctor's, Master's, Bachelor's, and Associate degrees and certificates by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

Lincoln University is a unique institution of higher learning, where educational excellence, professional know-how, and up-to-date international standards are combined with individual attention and a friendly atmosphere, giving rise to a world-class education.

The mission of Lincoln University is to provide a synthesis of innovative and traditional education leading to outstanding professional opportunities for American and international students. Educational programs for graduate and undergraduate studies, as well as certificate programs, are developed to provide entry to successful careers and tools for professional development. With undergraduate degrees in business and diagnostic imaging and certificates in allied health fields, the students of Lincoln University are well prepared to enter the job market with skills that meet the needs of the contemporary workplace. Graduate programs in business administration, at the level of both master and doctorate; provide the successful student with a comprehensive and practical background in the world of business.

The basic objectives of the University are:

to assist students in development of their analytical capacity;

to provide the necessary knowledge of the selected subject areas;

to introduce the attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function as a citizen in an interdependent world;

Provide a terminal degree to the motivated and capable student

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Diagnostic Imaging

Associate of Science (AS) in Diagnostic Imaging

Minor option:

Students in the Bachelor of Arts degree program may choose an 18-unit minor in the following areas:


Business and Psychology

Computer Science




Lincoln University offers the following Certificate:

Ultrasound Technician

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